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May 28, 2019
wedding flowers

If we talk about bridal traditions and don’t give priority to the bridal bouquets, it will be undoubtedly a huge mistake.  A perfect wedding bouquet for bride complements the splendid elegance together to her wedding dress.

Like the wedding rings, seeing the bride posing with the bouquet in her hands has its own significance. With the trends in this bridal accessory, it has been having innovated the presence of each flower in the bouquet represent the virtues that a bride should carry-rose for love, tulip for royalty, daffodils for forgiveness. Also, wedding bouquet flowers intervene in the personality of the couple.

The flowers enhance the feeling of love and togetherness that surround you on the day of the wedding; The brides transmit with them messages, according to the chosen ones.

In this article, we will detail the designs, styling, and trends in the wedding bouquet for the bride.

The Trendiest Wedding Bouquet Flowers

Every year the followers of the bridal fashions give a glance to the tendencies that arise from the requests of the contracting parties. Currently, the bridal bouquets are the most requested by brides, because they want to place a personal stamp on it that fits the style of the bride. Let’s check out what suits you the best.

Minimalist Bouquet with Carnations, Roses, and Peonies

wedding flowers

The minimalist bridal bouquets are one of the favorites during the 2019 trend, this choice is very successful for brides who like conservative bouquets in both size and flowers. They are designed with carnations, roses, and peonies, a perfect combination to show off the elegance.

Wild Flowers Bouquet

The bridal bouquets designed with wildflowers are quite popular this year. Their originality and versatility are rustic. These qualities allow you to adapt to any wedding dress, especially those of boho or hippie style.

Customized Asymmetrical Bouquets

The bouquets made asymmetrically are some of those that add a touch of originality to the bridal attire. The best part is, you can choose any flower of your choice to decorate it. Undoubtedly, these models go out of the ordinary in the race of wedding bouquet flowers. It is the ideal choice to accompany a wedding dress with a sweetheart neckline and shoes that highlights some of the intense tones of the bouquet.

Long Stemmed Bouquet
Bouquets with long stems are subtle. Along with this quality, it is pertinent to leave a long and intense tone to obtain a modern style and elegance.

Peony Bouquet


Peonies are the flowers that are most used in wedding bouquets and decorations. It has the ability to stay fresh in the hot summer. Its velvety tone goes great with gerbera with a combination of carnation or the daisy.

The Elegant Dahlias

The other flowers recommended for the summer season wedding bouquet for the bride are the dahlias. These thrive in summer and offer an immense variety to choose. So, get ready for a cool wedding in the months of summer with these magnificent wedding bouquet flowers.

Ornithogalum Bouquets

These are other flowers that are grown during the summer since it needs a lot of sunlight to grow well. Contrary to the previous ones, it is smaller but has a range of tones.These are just more than perfect to prepare a bridal bouquet with a long stem.

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