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Unique wedding ideas 2019: Make Your Wedding a Grand One

July 5, 2019

Wedding trends are evolving every year. Certainly, one year’s celebrations are precisely different from the ones that come after. Encapsulating few of them like floral design, wedding decor and fashion items change continuously, each year only adds to the already-incredible roster of big-day ideas that exist, it just keeps on growing larger. It simply means that you can choose the wedding trends of the past that you connect with while still infusing your experience with “of-the-moment” touches.

From museum-worthy cakes to touch up bars mentioned here are some of the unique wedding ideas 2019 you need to wrap your head around if you’re getting married this year…

Decor & Flowers

Florals can be displayed in countless ways throughout a wedding. Event planners expect to witness an avalanche of unexpected flower add-ins, like pampas wheat and grass. gypsophila or even phalaenopsis orchids replacing fresh blooms in the floral decorations. Grasses are chic, unfussy, and add another in-depth layer to the design. Other than playing with different shades of pink and red, you can play with different dye colors like blue turmeric or soft yellow, nude, blush and so many. Adding real floral accessories is also one of the unique wedding ideas of 2019.

Museum-Worthy Cakes

The days of three-tiered iced fruit cake is gone. 2019 is all about getting creative with the wedding cake. Sculptural is the name of the game, with bakers going for unexpected shapes and varying sized tiers it often becomes hard to accept they’re wedding cakes! Cakes with stunning designs, rich in color and texture and jaw-dropping sculpting is definitely a unique wedding idea 2019.

Themes and Vibes

Wedding colors do hold a strong place in décor planning, but having a themed wedding adds an all-new “vibe” is to the basic color palette. To make the wedding more remarkable, instead of a simple color scheme, you can simply go with the wedding vibe you desire to be engrossed into. It will simply add an ambiance on the Big-day.

Bespoke Attire

It’s always exciting to have fun with the looks. Other than going the normal suit, attire bespoke attire is one of the unique wedding ideas 2019. The bespoke creations take the average formal wear to a different level. Starting from photo-lined suits to custom embroidery and more, the grooms of 2019 will definitely look at their wedding suit as the ultimate keepsake.

Private Vows

If you are not an A+ public speaker, then this is one of the best wedding ideas of 2019.  Instead of sharing affectionate promises in a room full of your nearest and dearest ones, exchange vows privately before the beginning of the ceremony and then recite the standard vows at the altar (to make things official). Exchanging vows in private will give you more time to focus on your partner and your love and this is the whole theme at the end of the day.

A Touch-Up Bar

These bar doesn’t serve cocktails but an amenity basket with the volume turned way up. There’s always a helluva long line in the ladies room as girls want to fix their hair and makeup. The best way to creatively handle such a situation is to hire a makeup and hair pro in the ladies room to add bobby pins, putting on lipsticks or even helping in touch-ups can to keep your guests looking fabulous into after-party hours.

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